Company Philosophy

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The company was established in March 2001

In April 2002, the product was inspected by the wenzhou quality technology inspection institute

In May 2002 Register "kang Yin" trademark

In April 2003, we passed iso9001:2008 quality management system certification

The union was established in May 2003

In July 2003, the party branch was established

In October 2003, the "RENJIE" brand was registered

In December 2003, the second member unit of wenzhou financial equipment industry association

In June 2006 wenzhou bank 2005 AA customer

In July 2006, the product was listed as the bank of China construction bank

In September 2006, I received the certificate of quality trust in zhejiang province

In December 2006, the environmental protection bureau was approved by environmental protection bureau

In February 2007, it was verified by the Chinese enterprise product information verification center

In October 2007, the quality of the light product in China, the credit double guarantee demonstration unit

In November 2007, zhejiang industrial and commercial enterprise credit A "keep the contract heavy credit" unit

In December 2007, the third member of the financial equipment industry association of wenzhou

In March 2011, the third vice President of the electronic machinery industry association of pingyang county

In June 2011, zhejiang zhijie and wenzhou rican electronic technology co., LTD., a new joint-stock company, were comprehensively restructured

In February 2012, the production license was approved by the site, and obtained the certificate of the counting machine A, class B, and C national industrial production license

In 2013, it was awarded the national high-tech enterprise

In 2013, zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises

In 2014, the company was chosen as the President of the financial electronic machinery association of pingyang county

In 2014, the company was elected as the vice President of zhejiang financial equipment industry association

In 2017, the company will enter a new factory in the financial machinery area